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Welcome to our website about our registered agent service in Wyoming. As you can see, our agent page is currently under development. We will provide here a few facts about Wyoming agent services and a link to our main page. If you have any questions, please feel free to follow the link and contact us via that site.

View our site about our Wyoming LLC Registered Agent Attorney Service – $49 here. You may also find a complete list of Commercial Registered Agents in Wyoming here.

Feel free to use this information as you like. You may visit our other page, or you may choose another agent in Wyoming. The (informed) choice is yours!

Wyoming requires every company to maintain a registered office address in the State. The Secretary of State keeps track of who your agent service is, so you can’t go without one for long without facing fines and penalties.

Wyoming LLC Registered Agent

What is a Wyoming registered agent?

Every single Wyoming business entity is required to maintain a point of contact in the State. This means a physical address (no po box or virtual office), phone number and email to be reached at.

Since Wyoming LLCs are private, most people use their registered agent service to act as the public face of the company. The agent’s office building is what appears when someone google’s your company’s stated business and mailing address.

This is also why choosing the cheapest registered agent in Wyoming isn’t always a good idea. They may not desirable office space and their map presence will put off your customers. Imagine paying for a virtual office, only to realize your “office” is in a home on a prairie.

Can you be your own registered agent?

You can be  your own agent if you live in Wyoming. If you do not, then you must obtain a professional registered agent service so you may use their physical address. Even if you are in Wyoming, we still don’t believe you should be your own registered agent.

The largest reason not to act as your own agent is because your home address will go online. The same is true of your name, email and phone number. This can lead to not only spam, but unsavory fortune hunters and aggressive creditors seeking you out.

You may also have to sign for lawsuits in front of family and  friends. That is not something most small business owners want to do.

What if you don’t have a registered agent in Wyoming

If you don’t maintain a registered agent in Wyoming, then the WY Secretary of State provides a 30 day grace period to find one. If you do not have a new one by then, then the LLC will be administratively dissolved.

To reinstate the LLC will require a $250 fee be paid and form be filed with the Secretary. The company may be reinstated for up to two years after being dissolved. After that, you will have to form a new Wyoming company.

What does your professional Wyoming agent service include?

Our professional Wyoming registered agent service includes free use of our physical address, free mail forwarding, and notifications when your annual report is coming due.

We let you know before your LLC annual report is due, and we can even file it for you. While Wyoming LLCs are private, the annual report requires the name of the filer.

You can use our filing service to help protect your identity, or you may file the report yourself. It is accessible from the Wyoming business search page. From there you can update your principal place of business, mailing address and more.

The fee is $52 if you pay online and $50 if you pay by mail. The process takes 10 minutes online. If you mail the report in, then the Secretary advises it takes 3-5 business days to file everything.

Anything else?

Wyoming makes doing business easy. For this reason there is very little to setting up a company and maintaining it. We are able to handle all the filings so you can rest easy.

We do advise you allow us to form your Wyoming LLC, rather than retaining our Wyoming LLC registered agent services and trying to form it yourself. Setting up your company alone does not provide an operating agreement, resolutions or other important corporate documents.

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